Exercising Your rights under CCPA

How to Exercise Your Rights Under the CCPA

Golden Empire Mortgage, Inc. (“GEM”) has set up three (3) different ways to allow you to exercise your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).

Toll Free Telephone Number

You can call GEM directly at any time and on any day on our toll free telephone line at 844-959-0618.

If you use this method, you will have the option of leaving us a voice mail if we are closed or otherwise not available when you call.

Online Portal

You can submit requests to GEM at any time and on any day through our online electronic portal by clicking HERE.

Regular Mail

You can submit requests to GEM by writing to us directly at:

Golden Empire Mortgage, Inc.
Attn: CCPA Clerk
2659 Townsgate Road, Ste. 236
Westlake Village, California 91361


GEM will accept a CCPA request directly from a consumer or from a consumer’s Authorized Agent. If you submit a CCPA request to GEM through an Authorized Agent, GEM must be able to validate that the person making the request has in fact been authorized by you to make requests and receive information on your behalf. Therefore, when you submit a CCPA request to GEM through an Authorized Agent, GEM will require the following two things:

First, GEM will require written documentation from you that shows that your agent is authorized to make requests on your behalf. A properly signed and valid Power of Attorney that conforms to the requirements of California law can be used for this purpose.

Second, GEM will require your Authorized Agent to verify his or her identity.

GEM will not be able to approve CCPA requests it receives from any Authorized Agent who does not or cannot satisfactorily prove that they are authorized to act on a consumer’s behalf.


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